Presentation of PHOENIX at ICCDU 2019

Th entrance with a poster to the ICCDU conference is visible.
A warm welcome to the ICCDU 2019 in Aachen (© PtJ)

The PHOENIX Initiative presented the newest activities at the International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU 2019) in Aachen.

Presentation PHOENIX at ICCDU 2019 [PDF, 908.01 KB, not barrierefree]


BMBF launched new funding measure for CO2 valorisation

With "CO2-WIN", the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has launched its newest funding measure focussing on CO2 valorisation. Deadline for proposals is the 15th of November 2018.


Presentation of PHOENIX at ACHEMA 2018

The picture shows the ACHEMA booth of the BMBF
The BMBF booth on CO2 valorisation at the ACHEMA 2018 (© PtJ)

The PHOENIX initiative was presented to an interested audience at this year's ACHEMA in Frankfurt. The presentation was part of the CO2 valorisation session on European perspectives. 

Presentation ACHEMA [PDF, 899.5 KB, not barrierefree]


Scientific Advice Mechanism High Level Group publishes opinion on CCU

The Group of Chief Scientific Advisors' opinion on Novel Carbon Capture and Utilisation has been published on Wednesday, the 23rd of May 2018.


Results of the European Stakeholder Workshop

On 22nd of March the first PHOENIX European Stakeholder workshop took part. A summary of the working groups is now available.

In the workshop in Frankfurt the participants discussed the future of CO2 valorisation in the European context with a strong focus on demonstration and subsequent implementation of technologies. The summary as well as the guiding questions are now available to download.

Guiding questions [PDF, 382.47 KB, not barrierefree] Workshop summary [PDF, 206.41 KB, not barrierefree]


P4P report of the European Commission

The European Commission is committed to evidence-based policy making and exploiting valuable research and innovation results to their full potential. Therefore, the Commission identifies policy areas which deserve particular attention and analyses the related knowledge which comes from research and innovation programmes.

One of the reports features CO2 valorisation. Report, summary and an infographic are now available for P4P reports.


First European Industry Stakeholder Workshop

PHOENIX Workshop audience
PHOENIX Workshop audience (© PtJ)

On 22nd of March, the first European Industry Stakeholder Workshop of the PHOENIX Initiative was held in Frankfurt/Germany. Over 50 participants from 8 countries discussed project ideas based on the PHOENIX technical areas.

Agenda of the International Stakeholder Workshop [PDF, 258.16 KB, not barrierefree] PHOENIX presentation [PDF, 515.28 KB, not barrierefree]


The PHOENIX Initiative is officially launched!

The Picture shows the logo of the Phoenix initiative

The members of PHOENIX are happy to announce that the initiative has been officially launched at the EU INDUSTRY Day 2018 in Brussels!